Board of Directors

Patricia Brusha, President
Patricia Brusha, PresidentCourtney's Mama

“I can never replace my beautiful daughter Courtney, but I can keep her spirit & memory alive by helping other women by recognizing their amazing efforts to fight addiction. Each purse that is gifted brings love, encouragement and a special message from Courtney.

Her mission to empower grads from rehab to leave with dignity and courage lives on through Purse-Impressions.”

Kathy Weinberg Allogia
Kathy Weinberg AllogiaVice President

“Courtney was my sweet, fun, adorable niece. The only child of my sister, Patricia, who held a very special place in my heart.

So as a participant on the board of Purse Impressions, I hope to continue to give the rehab graduates the idea of healthy living, confidence, and the value of giving to others.”

Lyann Lloyd
Lyann LloydMember at Large

To know Courtney is to love Courtney! From her dynamic personality to her big smile and laugh, she could fill the room with happiness and love!

When Courtney left us in June 2019 heartbroken, stunned and grieving, I wondered how her Mom, Patricia was going to be able to move forth from losing her best friend. At her memorial in Canada one month later in July, friends and family had rallied and collected hundreds of purses to be donated to a local rehab facility, this was beyond anything I could ever imagine. How could a grief stricken Mom start a non-profit in such a short period of time? When Patricia came back to Arizona and voiced she wanted to do the same here, I knew I had to be a “super volunteer”. I have since become “board member at large” and I’m in awe everyday at what Purse-Impressions has accomplished to date! It has been a privilege and an honor to serve on a charity board that continues to grow and give! This charity fills my heart.