Board of Directors

Patricia Brusha, President
Patricia Brusha, PresidentCourtney's Mama

“I can never replace my beautiful daughter Courtney, but I can keep her spirit & memory alive by helping other women by recognizing their amazing efforts to fight addiction. Each purse that is gifted brings love, encouragement and a special message from Courtney.

Her mission to empower grads from rehab to leave with dignity and courage lives on through Purse-Impressions.”

Kathy Weinberg Allogia
Kathy Weinberg AllogiaVice President

“Courtney was my sweet, fun, adorable niece. The only child of my sister, Patricia, who held a very special place in my heart.

So as a participant on the board of Purse Impressions, I hope to continue to give the rehab graduates the idea of healthy living, confidence, and the value of giving to others.”

Beth Tyhurst
Beth TyhurstSecretary

“After happening upon the store one day, I was blessed to hear Patricia and Courtney’s story. I was overwhelmed by the strength Patricia had to create such a loving tribute to her daughter and knew right away that I wanted to help in any way possible.”

As a member of the board and volunteer at the boutique, I hope to help grow this beautiful charity and share some of the same love Patricia has for Courtney with the graduates of rehab.

Dianne Boemer
Dianne BoemerTreasurer

“It has been my honor to volunteer at the boutique and I am proud to sit on the Board. Courtney is always with us in spirit and I believe she guides us on our mission.”

I had the privilege of meeting Patricia in early February of 2020 when a friend introduced us and we had an immediate connection. She told me that she was planning a fundraiser in honor of her daughter, Courtney, who had passed away the previous June when she lost her battle with alcohol addiction. She further explained that it was Courtney’s wish that people graduating rehab could leave with their belongings in a purse or a backpack instead of in the clear plastic bag that was given them.

The banner fundraiser was a success and then came the creation of Purse Impressions. Patricia opened the boutique to further honor Courtney’s memory and her wish for people to graduate rehab with dignity. We want people living in and graduating from rehab centers to know that we care about them and that they’re not alone on their journey toward sobriety.

Brian Silengo
Brian SilengoBoard Member

“When I first met Courtney in 2007 I was immediately connected to her spirit and energy. The following years since our first meeting she was a highlight (along with seeing her mother) on my Canadian work travel.”

Being able to bring Purse-Impressions to the DC metro area has been an honor. With each donation we learn more and more the impact we are making on the place we call home and the people who live here in her name! I cannot imagine supporting Courtney, Patricia and our local community in any other way.