Letters of Gratitude from Rehab

Patricia received numerous letters of gratitude that she wanted to share with others, so in 2022 she published her 2nd book Letters of Gratitude from Rehab. (available on Amazon along with her first book Courtney M.)

Wanting to make it easy for recipients of the program to keep in touch, Patricia wanted to add cards with self-addressed stamped envelopes to put in the purses and backpacks. But Patricia wanted these cards to be as special as the people who received them.

That is when Patricia connected with Jill from Upside Down Creations. Jill’s son Jaz along with Jordan and Jeremey come to the Boutique every Thursday to color cards that go in to the donations. All 3 have Down-Syndrome and are thrilled to be giving back to the community through creating beautiful artwork on these special cards.

When the cards come back, they are hung up on the bulleting board in the charity room. This way Jaz, Jordan and Jeremy are able to read the messages of love and gratitude with each card that is returned to Purse-Impressions. This truly is a beautiful demonstration of the “Upside to Down-Syndrome.”