Today's drop off donation of 200 purses and backpacks to Crossroads, Inc. Went Extremely well. Thanks to my super volunteers Beth and Dianne! Great to see Donna and meet Greg. It was such a fulfilling day! ❤️ IKEA IKEA

Tomorrow we deliver 200 purses and backpacks to Crossroads Inc. Huge thanks to Dianne and Beth for helping make this donation possible! Purse-Impressions Charity Boutique buys and uses Ikea Bags to deliver fresh start purses and backpacks to graduates of alcohol and drug rehab. All in memory of my ...daughter Courtney who passed away suddenly at 28 years old from cirrhosis of the liver. In just 3 years we have donated 3400 bags and have bought thousands of Ikea bags! Thank you Ikea for helping us make our donations easy to transport! IKEA IKEA

Getting donations and giving donations. Thans to Eileen for the new mirror! We are almost ready for our Monday donation.

Yesterday was such a fun day at the Boutique! A visit from Jen and MarieElana, who dressed up like our newest addition a crazy looking nutcracker.