Starting Your Own Purse-Impressions Chapter is Fun and Rewarding!


  • Adopt a rehab, treatment or sober living facility.
    • We are flexible with types & number of facilities a chapter supports
    • Responsible for establishing a relationship with the facility and explaining the program
  • Collect purses locally
    • High end or small evening bags send to the Boutique. Purse-Impressions will pay for shipping
    • Bags should be in good condition; we use the guideline if you would carry it then its acceptable
    • Backpacks will be supplied by head office, but can also be collected locally
  • Arrange storage of purses
  • Collect other items to be placed in purses and backpacks
    • Hygiene kits will be sent from PI but other items like makeup, socks, journals etc. to be collected locally
  • Organize # of stuffing’s and donations per year (based on facility’s needs)
  • Organize local volunteers
  • Raise cash donations where possible to help support the charity nationally
  • Send pictures for social media posts and website
  • Participate in board meetings.
    • Approximately 3-4 a year by zoom


  • Provide all marketing materials
    • Rack Cards
    • Notecard that goes in purses and backpacks
    • Business cards
    • Thank you notecards
    • T-shirts
    • Other SWAG or printed materials
  • Purchase and send
    • Hygiene kits
    • Backpacks
  • Write and distribute press releases nationally and locally
    • Local media contacts supplied by chapter
  • Support misc. chapter costs (pre-approved) such as
    • Storage fees
    • Local advertising
    • Chamber membership

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