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June 2020

Make room for a BIG Donation…

So we are packing up the NY office of 20+ years. I have packed and labeled about 15 boxes that will be shipping to Purse Impressions from The Sak

We hope this donations will show a token of light to the foundation you started in Courtney’s honor.

My thoughts are with you.

Best Wishes,

From The Sak

Patrick & Bob


Purse-Impressions is extremely grateful for Bob and Patrick asking their guests to donate to our charity in lieu of wedding gifts.

Your donation goes directly toward filling purses & backpacks for graduates of rehab re-entering the community.

Make your Donation Here and leave a message for the soon-to-be newlyweds!

Thank you for your generous donation!

Westwind Dental Purse Stuffing Party

The staff at all four Westwind Dental Offices gathered on the first Monday of December 2019 to bring and stuff purses for Purse-Impressions! Their donations will be included in our Holiday Donations at The Crossroads Inc and The House of Hope. Thank you for your generosity!


Holiday Purse Drives 2019

We want to thank our supporters for holding purse drives for our 2019 Holiday Donations to Rehab and Sober living Centers

Our Board Members Kathy and Carol were busy holding purse drives in Florida and Colorado! Holiday season 2019

The Florida Sewing Ladies
Kathy is part of a sewing group that gets together to sew pillowcases for for children in the hospital. Charity being part of their souls they immediately embraced gathering purses for Purse-Impressions!

Carol’s Open House

Carol invited friends to an open house at her Colorado home for her first annual Purse-Impressions drive. She was overwhelmed with donations, 136 purses to be exact … and more keep coming!

Sharing a note from our contact Crossroads, Inc. …

” I am so excited for what you all are doing for these women and I am so grateful for you all. The holidays are always hard here because not all of them are in contact with their family or if they are, they are missing being with them for the holidays. Not only that, but you are correct that they come in with little to nothing. I think this is a great way to brighten up the holidays for them and to help meet some of their needs! And the purses will be awesome for when they start job searching!!”

Changing lives one purse at a time!


“I’ve had a handbag habit all my life. Still use both the first basket bag my Nan passed on to me and my mother’s first designer purse. So, by giving her wish, packed purses or bags to women and men leaving rehab, it spoke to me.

Courtney’s friends, family and friends-of-friends, have collected, stuffed and donated almost 400 fresh-start bags, a testament to Courtney’s spirit and her mom Patricia Brusha’s drive to create a real legacy for her beloved daughter.

Deep grief to real good. Yet what Purse-Impressions stands for is far more than that. In even the saddest and hardest times, make a start. We can all help build a tangible contribution and shine a light. Community can come from anywhere and everywhere. And that, collectively, the smallest kindnesses and actual actions, doing something, make the biggest difference. “

“Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication, and effort in making this happen on behalf of Renascent. You are an angel to so many woman. You are adding a purse full of hope, faith, and strength so that each of the woman graduating know they are not alone as they walk out of a different person. They will carry with them the tools they need to hopefully move forward in their recovery and an extra special gift to remind them to keeping moving forward, and take things 5 minutes at a time. “