Happy 32nd Birthday, Courtney!

Saturday January 7th is my daughter Courtney’s birthday. She would have been 32 years old. She left this earth tragically and suddenly on June 4th 2019. I have a hole in my heart and miss her every single day.

Because of her vision and idea of helping others who struggle with addiction, I have been blessed with so many new people in my life . Her charity Purse-Impressions has touched over 4000 people with her fresh start purses and backpacks. Each one contained her story along with a message of encouragement and love from her…and it continues to grow.

The opening of the Boutique in Cave Creek has also opened the door for so many special people to come into my life and heart. Amongst chatter about purse brands and styles, numerous heartfelt conversations about addiction, loss and love occur daily.

The generosity of purse and jewelry donations is overwhelming, each item carrying its own story. The love and cute factor at the Boutique embrace each and every person who walks through the doors. We have had thousands of happy customer, many who have shed a tear or two, but leave elated with their new purse, each taking a little bit of Courtney with them.

As we celebrate her 32nd birthday I will never forget the moment I was told I had a baby girl, that day my life changed forever. Now, because of her I have been given a purpose to inspire and bring kindness and love to others everyday with Courtney right by my side and in my heart.

I love you my baby girl! Happy 32nd Birthday

If you would like to help celebrate her birthday or her vision by making a donation, please do so here. https://purse-impressions.com/donate/

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