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New Nonprofit is Changing Lives One Purse at a Time!

Purse-Impressions gifts grads of rehab a ‘fresh start’ purse celebrating their accomplishment while honoring the memory of the founders’ daughter.

Cave Creek, AZ | When Patricia Brusha, president & founder Purse-Impressions, asked friends and family to donate purses in lieu of flowers at her daughter’s memorial service, she never expected the unbelievable support she would receive from such a simple request.

At 28 years old Courtney passed away suddenly and tragically from Cirrhosis of the liver caused by years of alcoholic abuse. Just a couple weeks before, Courtney had told her mother Patricia about an idea she had to give back.

Courtney did not like that women who graduated from Rehab often left there with their personal items in a plastic bag. She wanted better for them. She wanted those women to hold their heads high, to be proud of their amazing accomplishment and to leave with something that showed their value.

Courtney, at that point, thought she had won the battle and wanted to help other like herself. This is how Purse-Impressions came to be. Patricia’s asking for purses and essentials to place inside exploded with donations of 400 purses and over 3000 items including feminine products, makeup and jewelry.

Purse-Impressions gave the massive donation to the Renascent Centre, Toronto Canada, specifically their Monroe House where Courtney had experienced her first round of inpatient rehab therapy.

“The knowledge that each purse represents someone who is fighting addiction gives me strength and joy during such a difficult time,” stated Brusha , “Each purse contains an inspiring message from Courtney”

“I have already received an email from a woman who received the first purse!” Patricia continued, “Her words meant the world to me!”

“I graduated from Renascent just over two weeks ago. I have a few purses I would like to donate for purse-impressions, I also wanted to say thank you!  I was the first person to receive a purse and I think what you’re doing is really amazing and I genuinely appreciate it. 

Patricia has now registered Purse-Impressions as a Nonprofit Corporation, with the mission to provide  purses to rehab graduates to as many rehab facilities as she can, starting with Renascent Centre Toronto Canada and Aurora Behavioral Health System Arizona.  The charity will hold an annual fundraising event in Arizona in February 2020 but are accepting donations continually throughout the year.

For more information on donating, volunteering or nominating a rehab facility to join the recipient list, please visit their website

About Purse Impressions

In memory of the passing of Courtney Elizabeth Michaels ( 28 years old)  and her struggles with alcohol abuse, Purse-Impressions mission is ““To gift graduates from rehab with a purse that celebrates their accomplishments, allowing them to move forward with dignity, strength and the knowledge that someone cares”

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