Tatum Eyecare and Purse-Impressions Team Up to Give Back This Holiday Season

When ​Tatum Eyecare ​heard about Purse-Impressions’ mission to provide ‘fresh start’ purses to women graduates of rehab, they immediately wanted to help. Recognizing the need to assist women who are trying to better themselves aligned perfectly with their philosophy of ​being a family eye care center that is committed to giving back to the community.

Purse-Impressions ​honors the life of Courtney Elizabeth Michaels, founder Patricia Brusha’s daughter. Suddenly and tragically at 28 years old, Courtney was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the liver from years of alcohol abuse. Both her liver and kidneys began to deteriorate at a rapid pace and although her organs had already started to shut down, it was her addiction that took her life June 4, 2019.

Having thought she won her fight against substance abuse, Courtney told her mother Patricia, about an idea she had before she left us.

“Courtney didn’t like that women who graduated from rehab often left there with their personal items in a plastic bag,” Patricia explains, “She wanted better for them. She wanted those women to hold their heads high, to be proud of their amazing accomplishment and leave with something that showed their value.”

Purse-Impressions transforms the tragedy and heartbreak of losing a child​ to ​addiction into inspiration and compassion for others who are overcoming addiction in their own lives.

Tatum Eyecare is proud to team up with Purse-Impressions to help provide women with care and hygiene products in handbags of their own. ​Patricia and her team of “Courtney’s Angels” volunteer their time and resources to gifting as many handbags as possible to women leaving rehabilitation centers in multiple states, including Arizona and rehab facilities in Canada. The Nonprofit Corporation has already stuffed and donated over 400 purses.

The Tatum Eyecare Family is thrilled to ​support the cause​ of Purse-Impressions and they implore anyone who can, to help as well. Located on Tatum Blvd just 2 blocks south of Bell Rd, Tatum Eyecare is happy to serve as a drop-off location for purses and handbags donated to Purse-Impressions.

“The empowered women graduating rehab deserve to move forward with dignity as they put the past behind them and begin their new journeys. We are so happy we can be a small part of it!” stated Shana, the office manager of the busy North Phoenix/Scottsdale optometry practice.

There are several ways you can help Purse-Impressions:

  1. Make a tax deductible donation to Purse-Impressions directly. This can be either a monetary donation, or the donation of a purse and/or items to fill a purse. 
  1. Make a donation to the charity by purchasing items to fill purses at Amazon WishList 
  1. Stop into Tatum Eyecare, 16429 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85032,​​which is a certified drop-off center!

Thrilled to be a small part of the journey for these women who have made the decision that they are worth it, Tatum Eyecare will be a drop-off location for Purse-Impressions through the 2019 holiday season. The staff and patients will endeavor to donate as many gently-used purses as possible! 

Any and all donations are eligible for a tax-deductible donation receipt available at the Tatum Eyecare location or by directly contacting Purse-Impressions. If there are any questions, please contact Shana, Tatum Eyecare Manager, at ​480.889.6044 ​or Patricia Brusha, President, at ​602.814.6679​.

About Tatum Eyecare 

Tatum Eyecare believes that having the best eye doctors in Phoenix on staff is only as important as the satisfaction our patients derive from the outstanding care they provide. They proudly provide state of the art personalized optometry services in a friendly, welcoming, and caring environment 

About Purse-Impressions 

In memory of the passing of Courtney Elizabeth Michaels (28 years old) and her struggles with alcohol abuse, Purse-Impressions is a Nonprofit Corporation started by her mother Patricia. Purse-Impressions mission is “T​o gift graduates from rehab with a purse that celebrates their accomplishments, allowing them to move forward with dignity, strength and the knowledge that someone cares.”

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