The Frog and the Bear

An unlikely pair they were

One so green and one with fur

The frog didn’t see the need for sleep

The bear could only pounce, not leap


The frog was a true amphibian

The bear historically Siberian

One from land to water would go

One was at home in ice and snow


The bear had an affinity for red tulips

The frog for purses and mint juleps

They both had to make confessions


These cravings were true obsessions

They tried to end these cruel yearnings

With plain talk, and positive learnings


The road was long and arduous

The fight was hard, but try they must

They cried, they fought, and did console

They worked together to control


The heartaches and overwhelming pain

That came like a never-ending rain

As the years past and they struggled so

The frog could not continue to glow


She laid down, kissed the bear adieu

And wished someday her dream come true

The dream was for all those in strife

To find the path to a better life


The bear’s remorse turned into thought

What about all those purses she’s got?

So came to be the gifting verse

To all Rehab’ers who need a purse:


“They say that tulips are better than one

For a kiss is a true, heart-felt expression.

Yet, as lips purse and before you’re done

Remember us at Purse-Impressions.”

By Scott Rogers

  1. Kathy Allogia 11/27/2019 at 10:11 am - Reply

    Oh my that is truly a wonderful poem filled with heartfelt emotions. Thank you Scott for your beautiful words to inspire and console our hearts!!

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